Thursday, August 14, 2008

CrAzY sHit On ThE bUs Lol

Whats good wit everybody...

Everyone nose that when u ride on the bus there is always some crazy shit goin on
99.9 of the time u are on there. From people gettin hoed on the bus, gettin bet up on the bus,
bout to get beat up, or just gettin on the bus ruunin from a ass beatin (and i have see all of these things happen lol). Also you know there are all kind of characters on the bus that make your ride even more special .

Here are a list of a few
characters that u may see on the bus:
1.) You got that stakin bum wit pop cans and bottles
2.) Got the loud mouth chick on her phone
3.) Some random guy that never has enough money to get on the bus
4.)That one guy thats wearin a a pair of cartier woods, wires, or some form
jewelery that he dont need to be havin on the bus.

Im pretty sure that most of u can add to this list and have seen
characters before, for those of u that have not.....well i was catchin the bus back home from sk8in downtown and...ya know what here are a two videos from my Palm centro.

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