Saturday, November 15, 2008

It'S bEeN AlOnG tImE...sHoUlDnTvE hAvE LeFt U....I hAd A BrOke FoOt To TeNd TO. PART 2

So after i bussed my ass my boy whiped out the cam and started goin

Here are some of the videos that tha crew took after i fucked my shit up

So after we got out of the park i had my boy dan drive me to the hospital 

so we get to the door and the shit wouldnt open !! I was like FUUUCCKKKK MY foot was felt like

it was bout to fall off!

ive been tryin all day to get the sound to play but its been fuckin up heres

the video wit no sound but im working on getting a fix for it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It'S bEeN AlOnG tImE...sHoUlDnTvE hAvE LeFt U....I hAd A BrOke FoOt To TeNd TO. PART1

Last mounth wasnt a really good one for that i think about it neather is
this one! but ya know u gotta keep ya head up. Anyways my lease was up on the 31st of
oct. but due to some "issus" with my apartment they wounldnt let me move in intel the nov. the 10th so im like what the fuck ever long as i have a roof over my head make the shit happen. Them niggas was givin me the run around!! fa real like i was some random nigga or somthin!

So i go to work spazin out about this apt issue.. so to get this stress off my chest i call up tha cr3w to go to this indoor sk8 park (transitions).
We get there in shit 4 deep the white boy behind the counter remembers us from downtown sk8in ( he had lost his key sk8in downtown and we was helpin him find them turns out a fuckin bum had is keys...i mean come why would u take some keys?? anyway) he let us in for the free im like hell yeah i can keep my little 10 bucks lol.

Were walkin in the park its dead as fuck in there (just how i like it) we go to the back were this lil mini ramp is we start clowin off that kickflips, 180s, shoveits and what not.
So its my turn to drop in and showin what i got... a rock to fakie.(Just a lil past history with me and this trick i was never really able to fully complete the trick
i would always do half.. i was able to rock it but going back down fakie which is backwards that kinda fucked wit me. the last time i did the trick i was at the same park and i fucked my face up i mean i called off work for like a week.)

I drop.... did the rock....came back fakie...twisted my foot..and thats all she wrote.

i got up and i was like damn that kina hurt.. so i start to walk and im like somethin dont feel right it was like my foot was sideways in my skin!!
in my head im like fuck i gotta go to this hoe as hospital.

here are some of the x-rays that they took its really hard to see whats fuck up in the