Saturday, November 15, 2008

It'S bEeN AlOnG tImE...sHoUlDnTvE hAvE LeFt U....I hAd A BrOke FoOt To TeNd TO. PART 2

So after i bussed my ass my boy whiped out the cam and started goin

Here are some of the videos that tha crew took after i fucked my shit up

So after we got out of the park i had my boy dan drive me to the hospital 

so we get to the door and the shit wouldnt open !! I was like FUUUCCKKKK MY foot was felt like

it was bout to fall off!

ive been tryin all day to get the sound to play but its been fuckin up heres

the video wit no sound but im working on getting a fix for it.

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