Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to Mogul Up!!

The days are counting down till my project is ending been doin some job searchin and had a few hits and what not..they also had a few openings for some new projects that they have (but im pretty sure that they have there pics) and been applying for them. In the mean time i need to get my ass in gear and start to get things off the ground and moving. So i have been doing some studying and reading on how to get a business up and going..or at least half way running.

A few days ago i attended some
business seminars to help me understand the proper way on how to get stated. When im not checkin out different seminars i got my face in books and mags. One mag that i enjoy reading and that i find useful is Black Enterprise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy as i wanna be..Still in my Nike Dunks!

Woke up this mourning and looked out the window and what did i see...SNOW. I was like when i get to work im jus gonna kick back and not do any work..and i jus did that nothin i feel like why project ending in a few mounths anyway so jus kick back and ride it out and besides i startin to get a few leads on tha job tip anyway. My boy D brown played this dude on boxden in SF4 talkin mad shit he wiped tha floor wit kid shit was funny as fuck posted all in the net. Anyways gotta get ready for this monday work load till then peace!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wolverine vs. Venom..

Looks like Nike is comin out wit a Wolverine Air Force One for the up comming Wolverine movie .. i was never really a big fan of AF1s i kinda think is kiddie but hey to each is own. Heres some pics.

Now as for me im a dunk myself the Venom Dunk Hi is more my style the design on the shoe is sick!! the designer did a great job of bringing Venom life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My bad officer... but a fuckin nickel !

So the night of the fashion show i get a call from my lil homie Cliff sayin that he has almost got arrested!! He was downtown for a late night session for a few hrs.
So im thinkin to my self that he was sk8in some shit and got caught by the cops or some rent ah cop and caught em and was gonna call tha law.
So im like meet us at the front of cobo and lemme know what goin on.

Me and D brown head to the front of Cobo and gives us the story...
turns out the reason why he almost was arrested is because he hopped over the pay toll of the people mover. He didnt have enough change to pay that shit..he was only short 5 cents.

He was like "man the were watin for my ass at the end of the stairs lol "
They did the whole dance..hands behind ya back they put him in the cuffs the whole nine. They told him "Do u want to go to jail jus for a fuckin nickel ?!?"
The cop took the cuffs off em and gave him 5 cents to put in there...I mean fa real...mane u did all that jus to give him a nickel to put in there?!?! shm they have nothing else to do lol.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre was on the Friday the 13th for those of u who did not attend the show was.....ok there were a lot of new and different styles for every one to see.. Some were good and some were bad. So me and my boy D brown went to show some love for Freshman Clothing and see whats poppin. Soooonn as we get to the door we run into issues first off we were told if we knew the designer we can enter for free... the bitch played us off, i forgot my wallet, we had to pay $20 and the price that we were told was $12, So my boy had to spot me to get in.

So after all of that we get in there we see people we know ya know show love to
everybody. The show started a hr late (i kinda knew that it wasnt gonna start on time) and the lighting in there was very poor so most of the pictures that i took were ass.

Over all i did enjoy my self at the event
and in the mix of all this my boy D brown got pulled to the side and was asked to tape tha show so he was like BET!! should have the video ready for viewing for those of u who missed out on his page or FB

Monday, February 9, 2009

Preparing For The Inevitable..

Well they say all good things must come to a end.....But Damn not this soon!!
A few days ago at work we had our yearly town hall meeting... first off lemme tell u a lil bit what goes on in these meetings. They basically ask us about ways they can "improve" the company and boost our moral. It kinda goes the same way every year..... this year it was a lil different.

They announced that the Sears/Kmart project would be coming to a end as of August of 2009! When the project manager said that every body's jaw dropped to tha floor. I mean people was lookin sick like they just heard that they got cancer or somthin!! Shit was crazy.
So before the meeting was over with they ask us not to say anything to co-workers on the project...FUUCCKK YYOOUU!!

Before even got out of the meeting tha news was all over the the building!!
Even the nobodies knew what was up. Damn.time to get back
on tha grind.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Possibly the worst Mix Tape of the year!

So there this site called boxden that i got to just about everyday when im slackin at work and keep up on new shit poppin off. So recently theres been posts of the site puttin together
a lil mix tape and shit of local rappers and up comin producers. Im like cool..thats whats
up love new mix im readin the diffrent posts of other members on the site and niggas is like.."yeah the shits hype" , "dope" and so forth.

So im like bet got the link downloded the shit and load it up... now i just dont say shit wack right off the back when i hear it..I like to give things a chance. One word ASS!!!
Im not gonna lie i wanted to break my laptop after hearin that shit.
just to make sure my ears were workin properly i had my mans D brown hear it and he jus cut the shit off and was like "whhhaattt thheee fuck was that shit??!?!"

Now dont get me wrong some of the
producers on there were decent but for the artist...lets jus say im glade i didnt put that shit on my psp.
All the hype over this hoe ass mixtape ive heard niggas at work rap better than that !!!! AND I WORK WITH COMPUTER TECHS!!!! LOL

Possibly the worst Mix Tape of the year!