Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fashion Massacre

The Fashion Massacre was on the Friday the 13th for those of u who did not attend the show was.....ok there were a lot of new and different styles for every one to see.. Some were good and some were bad. So me and my boy D brown went to show some love for Freshman Clothing and see whats poppin. Soooonn as we get to the door we run into issues first off we were told if we knew the designer we can enter for free... the bitch played us off, i forgot my wallet, we had to pay $20 and the price that we were told was $12, So my boy had to spot me to get in.

So after all of that we get in there we see people we know ya know show love to
everybody. The show started a hr late (i kinda knew that it wasnt gonna start on time) and the lighting in there was very poor so most of the pictures that i took were ass.

Over all i did enjoy my self at the event
and in the mix of all this my boy D brown got pulled to the side and was asked to tape tha show so he was like BET!! should have the video ready for viewing for those of u who missed out on his page or FB

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