Monday, February 9, 2009

Preparing For The Inevitable..

Well they say all good things must come to a end.....But Damn not this soon!!
A few days ago at work we had our yearly town hall meeting... first off lemme tell u a lil bit what goes on in these meetings. They basically ask us about ways they can "improve" the company and boost our moral. It kinda goes the same way every year..... this year it was a lil different.

They announced that the Sears/Kmart project would be coming to a end as of August of 2009! When the project manager said that every body's jaw dropped to tha floor. I mean people was lookin sick like they just heard that they got cancer or somthin!! Shit was crazy.
So before the meeting was over with they ask us not to say anything to co-workers on the project...FUUCCKK YYOOUU!!

Before even got out of the meeting tha news was all over the the building!!
Even the nobodies knew what was up. Damn.time to get back
on tha grind.

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