Thursday, February 5, 2009

Possibly the worst Mix Tape of the year!

So there this site called boxden that i got to just about everyday when im slackin at work and keep up on new shit poppin off. So recently theres been posts of the site puttin together
a lil mix tape and shit of local rappers and up comin producers. Im like cool..thats whats
up love new mix im readin the diffrent posts of other members on the site and niggas is like.."yeah the shits hype" , "dope" and so forth.

So im like bet got the link downloded the shit and load it up... now i just dont say shit wack right off the back when i hear it..I like to give things a chance. One word ASS!!!
Im not gonna lie i wanted to break my laptop after hearin that shit.
just to make sure my ears were workin properly i had my mans D brown hear it and he jus cut the shit off and was like "whhhaattt thheee fuck was that shit??!?!"

Now dont get me wrong some of the
producers on there were decent but for the artist...lets jus say im glade i didnt put that shit on my psp.
All the hype over this hoe ass mixtape ive heard niggas at work rap better than that !!!! AND I WORK WITH COMPUTER TECHS!!!! LOL

Possibly the worst Mix Tape of the year!

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