Friday, April 30, 2010

Johnny Cupcakes Suitecase Tour 2010

Tomorrow will be a legendary and dopetasticly awesome (yes that's right dope-tast-cly i made it up and its my word) day for me..I will be meeting 1 out of 3 entrepreneurs (My 3 entrepreneurs P.Diddy, Dame Dash, & Johnny Cupcakes) on Saturday, @ East Gallery in Royal Oak, MI cant wait for this great opportunity.

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 20

It has been brought to my attention that I have a problem....and when I say problem im not talkin about like some kind of sex crazed lunatic that cant keep his shit in his pants or a kleptomaniac naaa nothin like that folks..the people around me seem to "think" that I have issues with admitting when im wrong about things...well everything so it seems lol. They say in most cases I find some way to turn the problem around and make it seem like they are the one to blame..(it almost sounds like some kind of lame superpower) which is jacked up to me...but I fell as tho.."when im right, im right...even when im wrong im right"...and maybe thats were im wrong @..maybe I have issues with accepting defeat.. I mean come on who wants to lose an argument?!?.. or anything for that matter I defiantly should have been on the debate team in high school smh. So to prevent another argument I told them that I accept the fact that I do that....but am I really right for sayin im wrong?? Or im a wrong for sayin im right?? ether way it goes im stil right lol

Jus my thoughts.

Big Sean – Made f. Drake

New Big Sean feat Drake..not really a big fan of Drake but whatever.


XV – Nevermind Live (Video)

XV - Michigan State University (Live) from Pure Optics on Vimeo.

Nice little clip of XV performing a joint live at the MSU Auditorium; that will find it’s way on The Kid With the Green Backpack.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Actual Proof – Skate Kids (prod. 9th Wonder)

Some new music from 9th Wonder’s latest protege.check it-->

BoB's AIR UP THERE 4/24/10

Here a few Pictures from BoB's Classic Kicks AIR UP THERE last weekend

Me (right) and joe (left) Kick it

Joe and Meg

Scootie showed up late and got caught in the rain lol

Bob's was pretty packed

Meg again

Me and my girl

Rapsody, Actual Proof (Sundown x Enigma) & 9thmatic – Turn It Up

9th Wonder shot over this collaborative track with his proteges and because I can’t find an image of all of them, I’m throwing up a Picture of these heartfelt Adidas that I copped! dope kicks and a dope track!

Game – Shake (Video)

New video from the game related new Stacey Dash graces video =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beamin’ (Video)

Words cannot describe how awesome the video is...Lupe+Lasers = Masterpiece!

Huummm Johnny Cupcakes!!..can I have some??

(First off Johnny Cupcakes does not make cupcakes) So the other day my girl surprised me with a gift and it was a Tee from Johnny Cupcakes!! this is another one of my favorite clothing lines!! So now I have one of his shirts to rock to the suite case tour commin up.


Heres a joint my the homie Chuck Good featuring Jay Alyse. im really feelin this track Shouts out to Scootie McB for the post.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Elvis Freshley..stoopid dope fresh concept the Freshman Fam is always cookin up dope shit!! one of my fav clothing lines!

Available at FRESHMAN DETROIT located at 204 East Grand River. Also at FRESHMAN ONLINE STORE

Monday, April 26, 2010

Game – The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape)

last week I posted the joint "Shake" off of Games Mixtape and today I give you his latest mixtape The R.E.D. Room props to Scootie McB for the heads up!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys – “Love Letter To The Beat”

Sorry for the lack of posts today, but I’ve been playing catch up... Lupe goes in with some help from Alicia Keys. Check it out below.


Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys – “Love Letter To The Beat”

N.E.R.D. – Hot N’ Fun f. Nelly Furtado

New N.E.R.D Hot N’ Fun check it out new CD dropin soon!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

KR3W Down Under Tour

KR3W Down Under Tour from KR3W DENIM on Vimeo.

“KR3W presents the video for its Down Under Tour, highlighting the team’s trip to Australia and New Zealand back in late 2009. Definitely tons of action from some of KR3W’s top riders, including Terry Kennedy, Antwuan Dixon, Spencer Hamilton, Furby, and Lizard King. ”

Prince And The Revolution - Raspberry Beret

Soo its a Saturday afternoon and him chillin listing to old school Saturday on the radio and I hear my mans Prince come on the box. On the video tip he was always on some other shit lol check it out.


Available at FRESHMAN DETROIT, 204 East Grand River. Also at FRESHMAN ONLINE STORE

Friday, April 23, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 19

With everything goin on with DTE (Energy Nazi's) and the strange creature in my fridge in the last episode...things have yet to even out or show any signs of getting better... my personal life is clashing with my work and is affecting the people around me.. until my phone mans Phil Fresh gave my number to someone that was interested in having our skateboard brand Inner-City in the fashion show for the yearly show May Day hosted every May 21st @ modern skate park jus to let yall know to me that was one of the best fashion shows in MI hands down it was crazy...I'm excited that they want us to be apart of it. So they hit me up and asked me to send them a few pictures of our I shot them and email to check shit out...its not all set in stone but its lookin good for Inner-City right now ive been on the grind bangin out dope shit for this spring and summer and this show would be a great way to bring us out.

Jus my thoughts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Available at FRESHMAN DETROIT. Located at 204 East Grand River. Limited quantity, come cop yours today!

Game – Shake (Travis Barker rmx)

Travis adds his special touch to Game’s single...wwwaaayyy colder then the original check it out

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keith “Guru” Elam: July 17, 1966 – April 20, 2010

Today is a sad day in Hip-Hop Keith “Guru” Elam died today Just over a month since undergoing surgery following a heart attack, Gang Starr MC Guru (born Keith Elam) has died at age 43. According to a statement, Guru died of cancer-related causes on Monday after a long fight with the disease.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

POV Skateboard Montage

pov skateboard montage from Bruce Bryant on Vimeo.

Here a montage of POV Skateboards my mane Bruce Bryant is sick wit that cam and the board!

Stevie Crooks – Crooklyn (Video)

Here are the visuals from Stevie’s lead cut off his recently-dropped. If you dont have his LP Project Diamonds and Guns check it out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Sean – Bullshittin’ (prod. The Olympicks)

Today I give you first official single off Big Sean's Finally Famous Big Sean – Bullshittin’ dope track cant wait tiil the album drops!!
bitch I am a monster I belong in District 9 lol


Monday, April 12, 2010

Asheru – The Boondocks f. Raheem DeVaughn

Looks like im catchin Boondocks fever heres a track from Asheru..its a dope laid back joint check it out


Asheru – The Boondocks f. Raheem DeVaughn

Proof – On the Go (prod. J Dilla)

Last night on the 4th anniversary or Proof’s untimely passing decided to unleash a rare collaboration between two of hip hop’s most missed individuals.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pharrell Williams – Blast Mag Interview (Video)

Pharrell Williams - Art D'assaut from BLAST on Vimeo.

Skateboard P chops it up with Blast Mag.

StUfF ArOuNd My CiTy

Ok now I dont know if any of yall ride public transporting but in my city the bus drivers take matters in there own hands. Here some footie of a DDOT driver takin on of em take a straight boot to the face!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncle Ruckus Sounds Off On Tiger Woods (Video)


ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 18

It's been about huummm lemme see..about 4 days now since the energy Nazis (DTE) deprived me of Thomas Edison greatest invention... I walk in and I smell somthin horrible... like somthin died and then defecated on its self. So now I began my search.. I check the bathroom to see if I may have "left" somthing in the toilet..but then I remembered that I wasnt going to take a dump in the dark (have you ever used the bathroom in the dark?! its not fun @ all...and not fun to clean up) so I make my way up stairs to check the turtle tank cuz if dont clean that joint it smells like shit..but to my surprise it was now its time to make my way to the kitchen...the smell got stronger...I look in the garbage and I jus knew that was it....but I was wrong. Think..think...think.. I check garbage disposal im thinkin yeeeaahhh thats what it is...not a damn thing in there. Theres only one other place..the fridge..I opened it..ssllloooowwllyy..the smell of funk and death blind sided me and knocked me unconscious for 2hrs.

Jus my thoughts.

Wale – Breakup Song

Heres a joint from Wale breakup song for those with a broken heart.


Wale – Breakup Song

Friday, April 9, 2010

Earlly MacMillion - "House Party"

Last week we threw a FOOLAY PARTY for the premiere of Earlly MacMillion's video House party. Im proud of this video cuz its not jus one of those hood ass camera phone videos that was shot outside.. you can tell that good money and time was put into it.


Yoooo check it out peoples Freshman has backpacks Available at FRESHMAN DETROIT 204 E. GRAND RIVER! Very limited run and will be on sale Today April 9th!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Boi’s Album Gets “Official” Release Date

It feels like I’ve heard this before...but this time its for real...@ least I hope so Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, is dropping July 6th!!

Sakura Season

Its Sakura Season in Tokyo and here is a picture that was talkin @ Yoyogi Park. One of goals and dreams are to visit Japan and see all what is has to offer....and to see the BBC and BAPE store lol

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 17

So I come in from work to complete silence...nothingness..its so quite that its creepin me out!! I look at my radio and it looks as if someone turned it off....I didnt turn it off..I know this cuz I never turn it off...I look to my right and alarm clock is blank...I didnt turn that off..I know this cuz I cant turn it has no off switch.. I use my super heighten Matt Murdock (for those of you that dont know Matt Murdock is the Daredevil) hearing senses beyond normal human ability and notice that the fridge is not making is normal annoying humming noise. In the process of noticing all of these things they all have one thing in common....there all plugged into the wall... looks like the good folks @ DTE has paid me a lil visit while I was @ work. Now lemme jus make some things clear DTE Energy are like the Nazis of energy..they control your lights and your gas these ass fucks make it damn near impossible to get yo shit turned back on! One day they was were jus thinkin.."how can we get over on these fucks??...huummm I got it!! lets make it so there electricity powers on there gas!! that way they have no way but to pay that shit!!" So know I sit here using my cell phone as a flash light to navigate around till pay day...which is next week.

Jus my thoughts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HUF X Mayer Hawthorne | “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” Video

Huf has joined forces with Stones Throw artist Mayer Hawthorne for a collabo pack of a t-shirt featured at the end of the video...skatin threw the city its a great feeling.

StUfF dOwNtOwN dEtRoIt

Man I love my city..if your jus walkin down the street or goin Downtown your bound to see somthin crazy or dope check this shit lol

Stuff Downtown Detroit from Delon D.DIDDY on Vimeo.

What The Fuck Man!: Amicci's Pizza my boy Scootie told me about this place over by Mexican town..(I dont even fuck around over there it look like a fuckin Scarface movie over there.. bunch lil Tony Montana's runnin around that bitch..thats another side of Detroit im not tryin to see but anyways) this joint Amicci's Pizza got this special goin on...13,333 wing dings for $6,533.95 with one cup of Ranch.....(Super long pause) 1st off it aint that many fuckin chickens around this bitch to be choppin up so whats really good?!?... 2nd that shit would take like 4 days to cook you would have to pre order that shit!! thats like puttin some new J's on hold.. 3rd 1 cup of ranch?!?... 4th its Mexican town fam!! them fools would chop and fry anything up and call it chicken...fuck around and think you eatin on a wing ding...and you see pigeon feathers in that shit lol

K. Sparks – Abstract Jazz (Video)

K. Sparks - "Abstract Jazz" Music Video from Eduardo Donoso on Vimeo.

Here’s visuals for the DJ Bobby Bob-produced single off K. Sparks’ upcoming Positive Over Negative slated to be released next month. Great video another classic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Boi – Shutterbugg

Brand new record off Big Boi’s “upcoming” album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty.(looks like another Detox)

The Boondocks: Season 3 (Trailer)

Epic..May 2nd can’t come soon enough

Dee Goodz – 50 Pairs f. Young Rell

Here is the first cut from Dee Goodz and fellow College Kids & Dropouts member Young Rell any sneaker had can fill this cut

10% off Tuesudays @ Freshman Detroit

Freshman Clothing Located @ 204 East Grand River Detroit, Mi 48226 has 10% off Tuesudays Come threw and and show some love on this rainy day.

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 16

Now I really cant relate to waka... cuz im not out there like that....but im sure we all can relate to bills and they all over due lol

(Waka Flocka voice)

I fucked my money up, damn
Now I can't re-up
DTE ran up in my spot and tryed to cut my lights off
got no money on deck,
and they sayin were that payment at!!
They heard I had that dough but I told em I dont have it yet!!
Locked my nephew up
Now it's back to skatin
Bills keep stackin up bruh and then hit me wit that late fee
Sprint called thats that weak shit had to ask them for an ext
Told em ill pay next weekend
Im on the board all night wit my shoes laced tight
No-comply's up curbs and Big spins of sets
Tryed to skate switch and it didnt work out
I did that shit and got fucked up twice
And now im back at the loft and got bills on deck
yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh oh lets do it

(oh yeah and im not a all lol)

Jus my thoughts.

Pharrell – Despicable Me [Final/Mastered]

Here a joint from Pharrell Despicable Me check it out!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Rhymefest – Dangerous 5-18 (Mixtape)

One of the Ugliest members of kanye's camp Rhymefest has a new mixtape its pretty dope check it out


Rhymefest – Dangerous 5-18 (Mixtape)

April Foolay Party!!

Here's some pictures from the April Foolay Party @ my loft! shit turned out hella tight people were pourin im left and right great turn out.

posted up wit my mans Joe

Place is hella packed!!

Chillin wit Eric & Marty

Birds eye view

Phil Fresh & Early Mac

My mans Dan

This dude Eric keeps a brew lol

Me and Earl Mac

Toni and Scootie

All photos by Kenyon Rudds.