Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What The Fuck Man!: Amicci's Pizza my boy Scootie told me about this place over by Mexican town..(I dont even fuck around over there it look like a fuckin Scarface movie over there.. bunch lil Tony Montana's runnin around that bitch..thats another side of Detroit im not tryin to see but anyways) this joint Amicci's Pizza got this special goin on...13,333 wing dings for $6,533.95 with one cup of Ranch.....(Super long pause) 1st off it aint that many fuckin chickens around this bitch to be choppin up so whats really good?!?... 2nd that shit would take like 4 days to cook you would have to pre order that shit!! thats like puttin some new J's on hold.. 3rd 1 cup of ranch?!?... 4th its Mexican town fam!! them fools would chop and fry anything up and call it chicken...fuck around and think you eatin on a wing ding...and you see pigeon feathers in that shit lol

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