Saturday, April 10, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 18

It's been about huummm lemme see..about 4 days now since the energy Nazis (DTE) deprived me of Thomas Edison greatest invention... I walk in and I smell somthin horrible... like somthin died and then defecated on its self. So now I began my search.. I check the bathroom to see if I may have "left" somthing in the toilet..but then I remembered that I wasnt going to take a dump in the dark (have you ever used the bathroom in the dark?! its not fun @ all...and not fun to clean up) so I make my way up stairs to check the turtle tank cuz if dont clean that joint it smells like shit..but to my surprise it was now its time to make my way to the kitchen...the smell got stronger...I look in the garbage and I jus knew that was it....but I was wrong. Think..think...think.. I check garbage disposal im thinkin yeeeaahhh thats what it is...not a damn thing in there. Theres only one other place..the fridge..I opened it..ssllloooowwllyy..the smell of funk and death blind sided me and knocked me unconscious for 2hrs.

Jus my thoughts.

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