Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So the other day im at work chillin and i get a call from my Dad. He tells me that my they have put a sticker on my car saying that there going to tow i tell him that im on the way to come move the car. Heres a lil back store about that due to the fact that my Ls have been suspended im unable to drive my car so my dad suggested that i keep it at his house so i wouldnt drive it...and he asured me that it will be ready for me as soon as i get my Ls back.

Now normally when they put a sticker on your car u have a certain amount of days to move it. I get off work and get to my dads house and i c a big ass empty spot. So this ass fuck tell me that they jus towed the car not to long thinkin in my head "what the fuck u mean they jus towed it?!?!". So this leads me to think that the sticker has been on there for a min and he is jus know looking at it. So know im assed out with no car and my lovely father did nothing at all. Thanks dad your the best.

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