Monday, January 4, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS... EpIsOdE 2

The other day was thinkin about how things were for me back in the day. Back then...i was jus a lil dude livin on tha west side of Detroit nothin over there but burned down houses dope dealers and a half of a playground for kids to play on. Livin in that area was kinda depressing for a kid...but my mom did her best to make me happy and one that was getting me a skateboard. From that day on that has been my outlet. When i get on that board it like all my issues go out the window..yeah i have had my share of being called the white boy by tha hoods and what not and the same ones i was hagin with was the ones getting shot at (real talk).But every since i stated on tha board it has opened so many doors for me...from going to diffrent states and starting my own skateboarding company! So i said all that to say this find yourself a (positive) outlet and stick with it cuz u never know were its gonna take u...Jus my thoughts.

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Ladi Elle said...

Baby I love it! I went through the same situations growing up, except my outlets were music and art. All in all I truly hope everything falls into place for you in life overall... I love hearing about people doing what they love/need to do.