Friday, September 24, 2010

Photos from Banksy

Jus was doin a bit of web surfing and came across a few photos and I didnt know who they were me begin me I did a lil research and I found out that he a pretty well know atrist and has theses drawings all over the world. All of his work to me sends a powerful message here is his site to check out some of them. I remember seeing the bird cage photo a while back in the city.


IvoSilva said...

i checked his site and he is pretty dope. especially getting the message across in his "artwork"

I'm Alee. said...

I like his work. Thanks for puttin us up on him.

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

IvoSilva: Yeah it’s really dope when you can see the messages that the artist it giving us when it is a
positive or negative in a way i think that we call can relate from all points of view

I'm Alee.: Heck yeah Alee his art work is powerful even when the work is a simple as a bird in a cage jus looking at
It tells a story

Poppy said...

I've seen his work posted on random blogs & no matter what the message is, it catches your attention. I love it.