Monday, November 29, 2010

Curren$y - Pilot Talk II

So the other day I picked up Curren$y new album Pilot Talk II and I decided to give a lil album review on it...(now I jus wanna put out there that im not a music guru or anything like that I jus have opinions but whatever) After hearing This Aint A Mixtape and Pilot Talk 1 I would have to say that his best one me is This Aint A Mixtape...but as for his Pilot Talk series I feel that PT 2 is a great album. For starters I really love the album art on it shits hella dope PT's art work was crazy to. Im really don't get into too much weed rap/stoner rap (manly because im not a weed smoker and I dont live that kinda life style) but when I was listening to it I was able to move pass all of that....It got to a point that I didn't even notice any of the weed talk. 

What I like about it the most was the production that he has on this...I love that it has a old school jazz kinda feel to it somthin that alot of albums dont have. All and all it a pretty dope CD... the only things that I didnt like was that it was a 40min CD and I was surprised that Flying Iron wasn't on there... that was one of the track that I was hoping to be on there but we al cant get what we want. I say that this gets a 4 out of 5.

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