Sunday, April 5, 2009

ANN ARBOR: COMMON live in concert w/DJ Dummy @ Power Center [Ann Arbor]

I had noooo idea that i was going to this concert it was jus like a spur of the moment type thing ya know! so heres how it went....

I heard that he was commin to town and that the tickets were gonna be cheap but i didnt have any cash on me (had to pay them hot bills and what not lol )
so one of my closest friends told me that she had a extra ticket to the concert.
I was like cool..but i didnt have a way up to ann arbor..sooo it turns out that my boy kenyon was goin to the concert so i hitched a ride wit him up there. It took us a min to get up there by the time we got up there we had missed Slum Village
but it was all good... made it jus in time to see the main show !

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