Friday, April 10, 2009

I jus heard some real bad newz...

So i woke up this mourning and get and get a text from one of my co-workers sayin that he found out who got the new job that i had applied for
(see post.its not what you who you know.). Turns out that there were 2 positions and not one...and i didnt get any of them. It was some Lame duck ass niggas who got it. Now i kinda knew that i wasnt gonna get it cuz he was givin me half ass answers and shit! whenever i asked him about any update.

Dont really know why i didnt get the job and im pissed ass fuck cuz it was my old boss!! u would think that it would be mine?!?
i mean come on...i remember he told me if he ever had a opening on his project that it was mine...thank you for reassuring me that i still have a job with the company........Dick!!!

So now its back to the drawing board.

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