Sunday, May 17, 2009

DaY 'N' NiTe

Sooooooo it was about ohhh lets say 1:30 ish in the mourning and im lookin around my apt. and there is no food in my head im like damn i gotta get somthin. So i head to the grocery store to do a lil shopin. The first thing i do is head to the cereal and jus load up on it.Now people have told me that its not a good idea to go shoppin on a empty stomach...but i didnt have a choice lol

They had a lil sale on my favorite cereal so i was like fuck it get it while its on sale.

I picked up a few more things as well..such as kool aid, sugar, and chicken. I got home and was like im not gonna even lie...i fucked up bad lol

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