Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pay to get in tha tech fest?!? not me and my kr3w!

Last weekend they had the techno fest goin on downtown town at tha plaza so were gonna head down there and check it out.Now back in tha day it used to be free and i said to myself that i would never pay for a event that used to be free...if i can help it. We got to tha gate and saw those fucked up ass prices and i was like fuck naw!! im not payin $30 for a day and 50 for tha weekend to get in...not gonna happen.

Now ya gotta think to yourself at these types of events when there done they jus rip there bans of and dip out...chances are u will jus c tha bans jus chillin on tha ground..and thats what happend pick that boy up and we were in there. As tha night went on shit got weirder now ima weirdo myself but not to the extreme. There was this one dude walkin around wit a killer clown mask on blowin every bodys high lol. It was a lot of glow sticks flyin around and pepople dancin with them...didnt know that dancin with glow stick was a art form lol.

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