Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ABC News Spotlights Skinny Jeans & The Jerk Movement

ABC News Spotlights Skinny Jeans & The Jerk Movement?!?...movement?!? what movement?!? to me it looks more like a plague..a viral outbreak that sweapin tha nation


kelz said...

"this bridges all economic levels????"""wtf..this is some so sick of everybody wanting to be "cool" wanting to be "it"..the jerk is not a movement, its a fucking song that 2 little boys came up with on their mac that they probably stole from a white guy who was ordering a decaf sorry but a real cool nigga is not about to be caught dead in some fucking hot pink skinny skinny tight ass not hating..actually i am hating wtf happen to people having a god damn opinion anyways????..this is an embarrassment especially seeing that im from Cali..but then again these "jerk-offs" are from so-cal and bay area folks know how they get dare ABC even give these fools air time how bout some shit thats just a little bit important like how i have to work crazy to get just enough money for school or how Detroit is becoming a launching pad for syphilis??? this is bullshit!!!!!..theres nothing wrong with being different its totally necessary now-a-days but when being different is the cool thing to do its just fucking corny!.."skinny jeans & the jerk movement" needs to be flushed down the toilet right along with the producer who came up with the "bright idea" to spotlight this bullshit..

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

Excellency!!! bridges all economic levels?? what economic levels are they talking about?!? people that i know would be caught dead doin that shit?!? I do have a few friends that wear skinny jeans...and u know what they do!?.... they fuckin skateboard !! and they hate that jerk shit!!! heres a example like the other day i was skatin wit my peeps and this chick stopped us and was like aye can yall jerk !?!? first off we weren't even rockin any skinny jeans! I told that chick fucks no we dont do that shit at all ! Im jus as shocked that ABC did a fuckin special on that shit and there a people doin study's and researching this shit !!!This shit is jus fuck sad smh.