Sunday, August 23, 2009

WhAt WeApOn WoUlD u UsE iF zOmBiEs AtTaCtEd ?!?

The other night me and my boy had went out to meijers and i was thinkin to myself...what happed if like there was some huge ass zombie out break...when i mean zombie out break im not takin about the the ones off of 28 days later and shit....more on the lines of like dawn of the dead and night of the livin dead ya know the slow ones and shit. Any ways if i had to use a weapon i would have to go wit a i know what your thinkin..a bat my dude..fa real?!? yeah why not ?!? all they need is a quick strike to tha head and there out for the count! heres why other weapons fail:

1.) Guns run outta bullets to quick
2.) Ya may end up shootin one of ya peoples on some outta fear type shit
3.) Flame torch ya run out fuel to quick..and once there on fire they still can come
after u and shit
4.) Everybody cant control a chainsaws and ya end up cuttin ya leg off and shit
5.) Swords and blades are kinda shakie reason being u can cut off there arm and leg and they still come after ya ass!
6.) Another reason why swords and blades are shakie is when i cut em blood and shit goes everywere and that shit can get in a open wond and then u turn into one of them (or u get AIDS or HIV).

Those are jus a few reasons. But in case of somthin like this every happens i recommend this book

till then peace !

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