Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...EpIsOdE 13

Man oh man things are not lookin so good for ya boy... fuckin car...wrecked (makes it even more fucked up it wasnt even my whip!!)...money...out the door...bills...up the ass...somthins got to give man...so now I gotta cash out a new car and still keep up with the bills and shit paid up and thats not even half of it....they say God doesnt give you anything that you can handle....well from the looks of things right now im about to drop and lose everything. I never been the one to say I quit, I give up, or I cant do it and im tryin reallll hard not to formulate those words but it gets harder every hr family friends are on the outside lookin thinkin that ya mans is doin good..(I mean i am and all but ya know what i mean) ...stay focused.. keep my head clear...impossible is nothin.. go hard till you out of breath.. this is jus another road to cross...ive been here before...but it looks a lil different...fuck man i need to find a detour asap..wait..hold on hold on...were the fuck is my GPS to life..

Jus my thoughts.


Meagan said...

We all go through things..."Life's Happenings"! Man I so relate to this? What can you do, stressing on the matter does not change anything. I've learned to not dwell or worry about things you can't control. Just put a plan, a budget in your mind and stay true to that, focusing only on the things you can personally control! And if this helps I’m getting sued for $2,500 and I owe the IRS $5,000,,,now whatchu know about that?

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

wooooww damn megan yeah u got more goin on than me right now...yeah i used to have the dont dwell or worry about things you can't control but damn it was like one thing after another !! u gotta get outta that lil bind meg asap!!!