Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Air Up There WEEKEND 7/30-7/31

Last weekend me and a few friends hit up BOB's The Air Up There heres a few pics form the event (every time i got to that joint its like a sweat box lol but it was still dope)
(Left to right) Jasmine, Me, Megan, and Bert
(Left to right) Again Jasmine, Me, Megan, Bert..i wonder what i was talkin about in this pic 0_o.
Claudio and Tini
(Left to right) Claudio, Scootie, ???, and Fresh
Phill Fresh 1/2 of Freshman Clothing
Nolan Reppin Freshman hella tough!
Eric design some dope kicks at the party!
Ricky (Inner-City Skateboards) and Resse (1/2 of Uber Threds)

Montel (Base lord) and Merle (1/2 of Uber Threds)


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. Ya'll all decked out in your skateboard swag. Niiice.

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

lol yeah the Air up there always be on bang!