Sunday, February 13, 2011

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS...SeAsOn 2 EpIsOdE 1

The New Year...and by this being a new year and all I figured new year new place!! So I have packed my bags and moved on to a new place!! and when I mean new place I mean on the first floor of the building lol. But...just as was getting excited to move in the new unit I knew that I would have to go threw the Energy Nazis to restore power to my place of residents (To see full story see season 1 episodes 17 & 18 to bring you up to speed).  

I called them to set up an appointment to come out and turn the power and the gas....and just as I expected they took there fuckin time with the whole process...but sadly to say that was not the low point. turns out U have got a busted ferniest that jus makes noise and lights up. So know I must chase my land lord around to get that BS fixed. But other than that this place looks dope...the old loft screamed party spot...and this place screams this is my house respect it lol. It will take some getting used to.    


Alee. said...

Congrats on your new place Delon!

Poppy said...

This is my house...respect it, haha! Thats how I like my house to look.

dospuntocerovision said...

Great taking the time to build clear the terminlogy into the inexperienced persons!