Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Johnny Cupcakes Suitecase Tour 5-1-2010

As planed made that trip to Royal Oak to see johnny Cupcakes and jus as I thought there was a long ass line but it was worth it to see one of my top 3 entrepreneurs.

Thankfully we were not the last one's at the end of the line

After standing in that line we had to grab somthin to eat...and it cost us..Fuck should have went to coney!

Still chillin in line

Johnny arrives in his pimped out van..came down bumpin the ice-cream music lol

While is peoples was gettin stuff ready he came to the line and chopped it up wit everybody really cool dude

He even had a cake made out of a suite case and cupcakes for everybody..na that shit was dope!

and the meet and greet!!

Jus in case your wondering what I had him sign this is it.

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