Wednesday, June 23, 2010

K. Sparks – Jazz (We’ve Got) Freestyle

Im on my hip-hop shit here somthin from K.Sparks called jazz for my real hip-hop heads out here check this shit!



Anonymous said...

I love this. I feel like hip hop needs to start going on other directions musically speaking and stop playing it safe with the usual bullshit we hear. I've heard enough "make your booty clap" and "look at my cars and my clothes" songs. lol

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

Yeah it needs to get on the right path quick K. sparks always brings that tru hip-hop feel to his rap… seems like everybody is jus stuck on the same stuff (such as lil Wayne, Drake etc) people need to open there minds and eyes to know that there are way more( better ) artiest out there in the rap game not all of them talk about cash money hoes and don’t get me wrong I do like some of it but I cant keep feeding the same garbage in my head.