Monday, March 2, 2009

All Packed Up...and Nowhere To Go.

This weekend it looked like i had somthin played everyday for this weekend...
so it seemed. My boy Kenyon told me about this free concert in Ohio that was goin down Friday and he wanted to see if u wanted to roll wit him to check it out
Who am I to turn down a free concert. So im packing up stuff getting ready threw out the week.

But he forgot to tell me that i had to RSVP for the concert in order to get in
the RSVP had closed on the 26th... I was maaddd as fuck it was a min since i had been on a road trip was lookin forward to it and seen a hip hop concert but oh well there will be other ones. So friday i jus chilled in Detroit.

Sat. Ne-yo and a few others were at the Fox preforming and me, my girl, and her friends and tickets. Not really a big fan of R&B but it was a ok concert jus like hearing live music.
Sunday was jus a chill day had plans on Sk8in but it was to cold even for me... I was like fuck it im in tha house today..cant wait for it to get warm!

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