Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sooo anyone got a 4 way???

yesterday one of my co-workers needed to do some grocery shoppin after work and wanted me to tag a long so I said to my self im not doin anything anyway so why not...but I was like if I go u goota by me some cereal and milk lol.
apparently she didn't have the directions to get to walmart so I had to use the GPS on my phone.
we were in there for a nice lil min and ended up spendin more than expecting .So drvin back we hear this loud ass noise on the passages side and it was the tire.

At first i thought that she might have jus ran over somthin. Im like damn its cold as fuck out im not tryin to change no tire.
So I told her to pop the trunk spare..check!..jack.. check! for way..... negative.
Im like do u even the stock jack that come with that tool ?! so she wen to go checkand this is what she had me work with.

Im like come on now u gotta do better. So i get on the phone and make a few calls 1st person.. no answer. 2nd person no tools...3rd work.
The last person i called was my boy jamal he came threw and took us to get a 4 way got tha tire change anad was back on tha road.

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