Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Milks gone bad...or has it....

So the other day i had a lil money and i needed so milk and cereal so i went to the store down the street and coped some. Im walkin back up the stairs and there was a small hole in the bag..im like well it jus a lil hole by the time i get in tha house it will be out of the bag. I make my way to the frig and i hear the milk go SMACK !!
sure enough it was the milk hittin the floor leakin out.

Im like damn im not gonna let this shit his leak away so i looked around for the closest thing..and there it was!

didnt have time to dump the lil 1800 that was in there so had to mix it in..it got a different smell and taste to it but i will adjust lol.

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