Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DaY n NiTe...

Maaannn these past weeks i havent been gettin much sleep at all..i do have alot of things on my mind and it doesnt help much that there were a series of unfortunate events that happened. Most of the time i stay up jus to be stayin reason at all. Try to get some sleep but it jus dont work...when i do try and get some sleep i keep havin dreams of me fallin and jus SMACK into the ground and waking up like the shit was real!! Shits crazy not really sure what it means. Asked a few of my co-workers and they gave me all kind of answers some said it was a sign of failure or fear of failing others said it is a sign of change.
What ever the hell it is i dont like..shit needs to stop.

The other day me and my boy cliff went out sk8in till like 2am on some insomniac type shit all threw down town. Due to my recent
insomnia i now find my self work... sleep... at my desk.

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