Thursday, March 19, 2009

FuCk CaNaDa!!

FuCk CaNaDa!!
Fuck Canada and i mean that shit!! A few of my friends had the idea of going to Canada to hit up some clubs and what not. Now this is not my first time goin over there i know the rules..gotta have and ID and a birth certificate and
thats what i tell them they gotta have those to things if we want things to run smooth. They end up tellin me that all u need is an ID and a the back of my mind im like naaaaaa u need a lil more than that...i knew for a fact. Soon as they see some shit outta wack...its a wrap.So they go on and tell me that the rules have changed and thats all u need.
We get to the tunnel and the hit us wit u have a and ID and birth certificate?? We like naaaa we for got it and shit.
She goes ok jus one min...she puts this bright ass orange sticker and tells us to follow the officer over there to have the car checked. Aint this a bitch !! in my mind i knew this was gonna happen. They tear her car up and what do they find ?? a fuckin knife!! i couldn't believe it! im like and shit get any more fucked up...Hell yeah it can and it did. Right off tha back Border Patrol aint no hoe! They ask us the same questions over and over again watin for one of us to slip up so they can keep our ass there.
Finally we got over there (lame ass country!) jus to find out that the club that we were goin to is now closed! not only that but the liquor store is closed too! Here is some more odd ass shit why the fuck would they separate a liquor store and a beer store?!? U wanna know why..cuz is Canada thats why!!!! So we like fuck it we over here now so lets find another club. We find this club called Voodoo or what ever the fuck it is. We get to the front of the line and then ass clowns would let me in..takin bout i need my LLs or a BC to get dog... my mans it jus took us 2 fuckin hrs to get here and u mean to tell me u cant even get in this lame ass shit !!!!!!!! Im done na im like take me back to Detroit.

We get in tha whip and head back to tha D and my friend decides to take the Brigid back instead of the tunnel (which is the way we came in) we get there and they ask us for our ID's and birth certificates...we all know the answer and the routine. This time BP let our ass have it especially me. It is now 2am and we are in a holding area..checking to see if we are " US citizens" we have been in there for about and hr and 30mins...when it gets down to checkin my name its all down hill from there...not only did i not have my BC i had 2 addresses listed on my ID from when i moved and to make shit even more fucked up they tell me there is a warrant out for my arrest in Detroit!! I my head im like im not gonna make it back. They hit me wit all of these BS ass questions and shit and threw the grace of God they let me go. When i got back to the US i have never been so happy to see tha D. At this time i would like to thank Canada and the Border Patrol for making this the most fucked up experience going into another country...


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