Thursday, February 18, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS... EpIsOdE 11

these past few days @ work have been lloonngggg and fuckin stressful but hey thats why they call it work it aint made to be easy... most of the time its not like that tho so whatever. Later on last night me and a few of tha homies hit up modern skate park for the late night session all was goin well till 15mins after the session was over i jus had to do one more trick...and that last trick cost me my fuckin board..landed on the fuckin tail and snapped that bitch! so now i gotta cash out another one asap cuz i cant be without a board thats like my one means of transportation around the city.


Meagan said...

Better the board snapping then something else you feel me? Then you'd have to chill and watch the hommies ride withoutcha'...I know that aint' right!


Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

yeah i feel ya on that but damn i was out there lookin all lame and shit ppl havin fun and shit i wanted to break someones board so they could feel my pain lol