Monday, February 15, 2010

MTV Diary Of N.E.R.D (Video)

I don’t know why this never came on TV in the States smh...


Meagan said...

I enjoyed that video D!
Nerd is a group I've recently start listening to within the last year or so, having already been a fan of pherrel. I recently witnessed them from a video on P***Hub celebrity! It was wild, kinda caught me off guard? Offered a different perspective, view of the group! However, never one to judge, life’s for the living right!

Hope you had a nice V-Day!


Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

yeah i was dope meagan thanks i hope yours was good as well!! there were on the P***Hub ?? never heard of that imma need the link to see what thats about lol

Meagan said...'s that link I was talking about! It's kinda' wild, but we all adults upn' here right?

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

oohhhh lap dance !! yeah i remember this video...well not this video lol i should have know that there was another video for it the uncut version lol