Friday, February 12, 2010

ThE LiFe AnD TiMeS... EpIsOdE 10

Was walkin up the street and saw this...didnt really know what to think of it...maybe it was a warning...maybe there was some kind of cereal killer ass clown dressed up in a Ronald McDonald out fit holdin happy meals killin people and rats in tha hood!! well i havnt see anyone like that around here...well at least not yet. I dont know...but some one took the time to create this warning sign (or art work) and to say look...If you see this guy hes out here killin people, rats, and puttin em on signs wit no problem so watch ya back!!.....and I will!!


Meagan said...

Oh wow'insane right? Killer ass clown, I certainly hope not LOL!

Delon "D.DIDDY" said...

im tellin you shit gets weird in tha hood who does that lol